Research Study of Patient Experiences with Low Back Pain

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Research Study of Patient Experiences with Low Back Pain

We are currently recruiting participants adults with low back pain to participate in a study about patient experiences!

Research participants in the study will be asked to complete a survey online, which will take about one hour. They will be asked to answer questions about many different aspects of their lives, including questions that are personal in nature (general background, health, and demographics, information about the diagnosis and treatment of your low back pain, ability/disability in a variety of specific domains related to your back pain, mental health symptoms like anxiety and depression, history of exposure to traumatic events, behaviors like taking risks and gambling, and history of and preference for certain kinds of treatment for low back pain). $3 CAD (approximately equal to $3 US) will be donated to an advocacy/support organization for people with low back pain for each eligible person who participates in the study. In addition, participants will have the option of entering one of several drawings for a $20 gift certificate to an online retailer of the participant’s choice. This project has been approved on ethical grounds by the University of Regina Research Ethics Board.

Click here to participate in our current study!